Beginning with the Middle

Hello Reader,

Welcome to somewhere in the middle of our infertility journey. I am writing this as I recover from laparoscopic surgery. Infertility blogs have been a huge help to me so far, but lately I’ve been feeling isolated as I search for others in my position. All of our journeys are different, but I hope that putting mine out there helps some of you.

After four failed transfers with “unknown cause” infertility, we’ve finally found a possible cause through a long process of elimination. The surgery was to both diagnose and treat endometriosis. I will now do a not yet fully researched medication protocol leading up to another transfer. Through this whole process I’ve searched online for insights about what each step will be like, because as the title of my blog states: I am impatient. In this blog, I will walk you through what each step of my process is like. I’ll start in the next post with the surgery and go from there. I hope that this helps those of you out there who are also impatiently struggling toward parenthood.


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