Vaginal ultrasound?… NBD

I had my 3D ultrasound today. I was convinced that they were going to do something like squirt gel into my cervix or something. With these tests I’ve learned to always be prepared for the the worst. However, it was just a vaginal ultrasound with a different type of sensor. I was like, “that’s it? That’s easy!” The technician was a bit taken aback, but one thing that becomes routine after years of IVF is random medical professionals sticking gelled, condomed wands up your vagina. It becomes part of your daily routine, no big deal.

Later when the doctor gave the report to my RE she said I had a “beautiful uterus.” Presumably this means that everything healed properly and is ready to go for the transfer. However, it inspired me to play with some filters and create an art series that I call: “Uterus, on standby”

Lol, my partner thinks that my humor is a little too off beat. Your thoughts, reader?


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