The Lupron Depot Report

Today was the day. I switched from daily subcutaneous lupron to intermuscular lupron depot that lasts 1 month. About two months ago, I got a box in the mail from my pharmacy that looked like this:

Lupron depot box

Hmm, I’m imagining those old movies with the giant nefarious Victorian era syringes…

It said it should be stored at room temperature, so I kept it in a box in front of the AC unit all summer. I was concerned that it got too hot, bit the nurse wasn’t concerned so I guess it was all good.

Nurse? I’m an expert at this by now. I’ve done four rounds of progesterone in oil. Apparently, this drug is required to be administered in a doctor’s office. Maybe because you only have one shot not to screw it up.

Anyway, here’s the nurse telling me she doesn’t recommend looking at the needle:

It looks waaay more scary than it is. I proceeded to turn around and bare my ass. (I have no sense of privacy left after four years of infertility treatments.) I barely felt it go in. There was pressure and some pain from the medication going in, but not as much as the flu shot that I got last week. They did warn me that side effects might start in about a week, and that they might be more intense than on the daily lupron. (Now you tell me.)

So, that was it. I put my skirt back on and ran off to a meeting.

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