#MicroblogMondays: This is not a blog about being perfect

Going into the end of week four on daily Lupron following laparoscopy and it is kicking my ass. I was worried about getting super depressed on it, but I’m just hyper irritable and anxious, which frankly makes me come off as a total bitch. My partner is a real trouper.

So this is me seven and a half weeks post surgery and 27 days into the lupron. (Just keeping it real here.)


I’m bloated from the daily injections and am starting to get a localized rash from it each morning. That said, my surgery scars a way smaller than I thought they’d be and it hasn’t been as bad as the stim period of a fresh cycle. I’ve been thinking about working the scars into a tattoo when this is all over. Any ideas, Reader? I’m scheduled for the month long depot injection this coming Wednesday, so we’ll see how that goes….

In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy with work (way too busy). I’m trying to figure out how to lower my stress level and relax a bit, but that’s not a talent of mine. I’m also trying to avoid moments of weakness like this morning when I added a bunch of onesies to my ThinkGeek wishlist.


(One of them was a Star Trek Next Gen engineering uniform! Am I right?) Anyway they’re perpetually out of stock and apparently so am I.

This post inspired by the the Stirrup Queens #MicroblogMondays. Hop on over to check out more blogs.

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